Grey Floor Tiles

Grey Floor Tiles

Grey Floor Tile

At Mazzanna Tiles we have a wide selection of grey floor tiles in a collection of sizes, styles and finishes which will satisfy any of your tiling needs from a bathroom makeover to a pool area or steam room, whatever the job you are undergoing we have the tiles you need.

We have tiles to suit wet rooms and poolside with our cutting edge anti slip grey tiles which offer unbelievable grip when wet to ensure you don’t have any accidents due to slippery flooring. These are ideal for commercial use of pools and poolsides, shower areas and toilets. The anti-slip tiles can be used for public walkways and shop floors rest assured if you have any floor which will be exposed to water our anti-slip grey floor tiles will ensure you have the grip of a dry floor. We have a wide selection of large format tiles which are perfect for tiling large areas in your home and even commercial properties, Mazzanna Tiles prides itself on supplying the best quality tiles at unbeatable prices.

Mazzanna Tiles have a wide selection of polished porcelain grey floor tiles which will transform your living space. These luxurious tiles are perfect for any room in your home and we have an excellent selection of tile styles and sizes from 80cm x 80cm to smaller sizes like 30cm x 60cm, we also have 60cm x 120cm for larger areas you may need tiling. We have a lustrous selection of grey floor tiles which are perfect for your bathroom such and the Neutra Perla or if you would like a tile with more of a grain effect the Arkon tile is a perfect choice. For kitchen tiles, we have a marvelous selection of tiles to finish your new kitchen from our quartz tiles to our cosmos light grey tiles any of which come in a wide selection of sizes and colors.

You can take advantage of our free swatch tile sample for our tiles so you can have a look at the tiles before you buy them, this will give you a better idea of how the tile looks, feels and fits in with the color scheme of your project. We offer a full tile sample if you feel you would need more than a smaller cut of the tile to help you with your decision. If you have any questions about any of our tiles please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Mazzanna Tiles sells an extensive array of tile adhesive and grouts which will compliment your grey floor tiles perfectly. We have a choice of primers and key coats for your floor to prepare it for tiling, along with a selection of cutting-edge fracture anti-crack matting which will help prevent your tiles and grout from cracking due to movement in the floor it has been laid on. We can provide tile aftercare such as tile grout film remover and tile sealer to help you get the most out of your newly laid tiles

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