Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles- Bringing A New Dimension In Tile Flooring

Porcelain is a ceramic product that is made of material heated at high temperatures. Not all porcelain is the same. The manufacturing process will determine the kind of porcelain that you get in the end. Advancing technology has made it possible to print information on the ceramic item digitally. Choosing the right tile for a project is important in balancing function and form. Aesthetics are vital, but they should have slip resistance, easy to maintain and are abrasion resistant. If you are looking for tiles for a slip-resistant surface for use in wet areas unglazed tiles are preferred because they are scratch resistant. This makes them ideal for areas that are prone to heavy foot traffic and outdoor application.

A Wide Range Of Options

At Mazzanna tiles we are your one stop shop for porcelain floor tiles, we have a wide array of tiles that you can choose from different colours, finishes and textures. You are guaranteed to find perfect tiles for your home. Porcelain is a humanmade type of ceramic that is perfect for floor tiling because of its strength, durability and easy to customise option. Porcelain floor tiles are stronger, harder and less porous this makes them a perfect option even in high foot traffic. The finish is impeccable, and it can be maintained for a long period. The material used in their construction is water resistant and less dense making it an ideal choice for wet areas. The density of material makes it highly stain resistant hence a perfect choice for kitchens.

Polished Finish

Our range of porcelain floor tiles is wide, and you have endless choices which guarantee you a perfect design for your house. If you are looking for bathroom tiles, you cannot go wrong with classic polished white porcelain floor tiles. The polished porcelain floor tiles will brighten the room giving the impression that the room is bigger. The trick of using large porcelain floor tiles is to create an illusion of a large space. Smaller tiles tend to create a busy pattern hence making space appear cluttered. However, with our wide range of large tiles, you can create an illusion of continuous look and hence give an illusion of a bigger space.

Make Your Room A Little Glamorous

If you are looking for glitz and glamour, then our grey, rich porcelain floor tiles will add a touch of luxury to your home. They are available in the polished format, these give ultra-reflective glossy tiles, and it is a perfect finish for any floor. You can never go wrong with a wide range of tiles available at Mazzanna Tiles because they are focused on delivering high-quality items to their customers. From matt to polished porcelain floor tiles, you can get a tile of your choice from the company, and good value does not mean sacrificing quality either. All the tiles are sourced from quality suppliers across Great Britain and Europe ensuring that you get a quality product at a competitive price.