Know Your Floor Tile Price Before You Begin Installation

If you are thinking about getting a floor tiling, there are several aspects that you should consider. The type of environment will largely determine the type of tiles that you will install. In cases where you do not want to worry about design, stains or water you should consider the characteristics of the tiles before purchase. One of the main features that you should put into consideration is the ability to maintain. The floor tile price will be determined by the versatility and efficiency of the tiles. If dirt, stains and other liquids rest on top of the tiles, they will not be absorbed, and it is easy to mop them away. In home improvement, tile installation is an integral aspect that should be taken seriously.


The price changes according to the size, shape and colour of the tiles. A beautiful and elegant tile that will maintain the look for years is likely to cost more. Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, are available in any shape, pattern and the possibility of incorporating any type of tile to your floor or wall is endless. At Mazzanna Tiles you will be given an opportunity to purchase tiles at a competitive price. The quality of the tiles is impeccable, and you are sure that you are dealing with a company that has been in operation for many years. The customer-oriented approach enhances services delivery, and you will get the value of your money. The ceramic or porcelain tiles available come in any looks such as brick, natural stone or real wood. You can install a tile of your choice depending on your budget.

A Wide Array of Options

There are many options that you have when it comes to tiles, the cost of the tile will also increase depending on the size chosen. The price of ceramic flooring usually fluctuates according to durability, size and quality. Stronger and thicker tiles will cost from $5- $10 per square foot. Depending on the square feet that your floor or wall requires you can be able to determine the total cost of the tiling. In essence, the durability of tiles is rated from 1 to 5 on the PEI scale. If you want to install floor tiles, it is imperative that you look for tiles that are rated 3 and above. Anything less than that rating will not be able to sustain huge foot traffic. However, they can be used on the walls.


It is imperative that you should never compromise with quality during tile installation. The standard size squares are the least expensive choice. However, the large formats may be stylish and will cost more. You can consider using porcelain tiles when doing an installation on floors and damp areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. During the manufacturing process porcelain is denser and has better water repelling capabilities hence can it is preferred for use in damp areas. When purchasing ceramic tiles it vital to consult with our team of technicians and customer support to guide you through the process. The cost of the tiles should include delivery, and depending on your program you can include installation cost as well.