How To Choose The Best Bathroom Wall And Floor Tile

You already have a concept of what a perfect bathroom entails, and you want to choose the best tiles that will fit your bathroom. There are thousands of bathroom wall and floor tiles that you can choose from at Mazzanna Tiles. The bathroom wall and floor tile should be easy to clean, provide a focal point and a sense of continuity. You are able to create endless designs and arrangements which gives a unique bathroom tile design. One of the latest designs is using the tiles as a work of art. You can create work of art by combining different tile designs. A tile design can be created on the wall and framed with edging tiles to give it a beautiful and unique look. This is possible also in the shower and above the bathtub. Coordinating different tile ideas is a modern trend, and it makes it easy to create your own style and personality by pairing different colours and styles.

Sleek Finish

Layering the tiles with borders and frames can help create a bathroom design that is unique and sleek. Tiles come in a variety, and you can choose to create a bathroom design of your own by using porcelain, ceramic or stone tiles. Adding a versatile design option is vital because it creates a classic yet timeless look of the bathroom. Bathroom wall and floor tiles should be similar in colour to create a sense of continuity. Floor and wall tiles come in different colours, patterns and materials and you can add interest to your bathroom by changing its look through contrasting tiles. There are numerous benefits of using large format tiles in your bathroom. These tiles cover large areas, are easier to clean, and they can help make a small space look bigger.

Elevate Your Style

It is possible to elevate the style of your bathroom by adding a new format of tiles to the floor and the walls of the bathroom. A greater wall coverage means an elegant finish with minimal design. They can turn a simple design into a modern wallpaper look. You can browse through different tile formats available at Mazzanna Tiles. Let our experts help you during the selection and installation process. Choosing a bathroom floor and wall tile can determine how your bathroom looks. Wall tiles are easy to clean, long lasting and they add impeccable style to your bathroom. If you are looking for bathroom flooring ideas, then you should consider wall and floor tiles that are stain resistant and easy to clean.


When it comes to bathroom, wall and floors, you are not limited. You can utilise different ideas and pattern combinations which will give a fresh and classic design adjusted to your needs. It is always important to take into account tub and shower tiles when planning to revamp your bathroom floor and wall tiles. While you can match the wall and floor tiles, it is a perfect opportunity to create contrast in different shapes, colours and materials. The type of material used in making the tiles will determine the designs that you are going to incorporate into your bathroom.