Find The Best Porcelain Tiles For Your Floor

Porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles that are used in covering the walls and floors, and they have a water absorption rate of less than 0.5%. The clay used to manufacture porcelain tiles is denser, and they can be either unglazed or glazed. You can add a stylish touch to any room with the addition of tiles. Tile flooring is ideal because of its beauty and versatility, and you can use it in any room of the house, the tiles are also a perfect choice for walls. Porcelain floor tiles offer enhanced durability, strength and style to the room they are incorporated in. Porcelain is a mixture of clay which is pressed into shape and ignited at high temperatures to solidify.

Components Of Excellent Tiles

Clay is mixed with a large amount of feldspar or any other material that will increase its strength. The fine ground compound is subjected to high pressure and ignited at high temperatures. This will give a dense and hard material that can withstand corrosion and water damage. All the porcelain floor ties vary in size and production techniques. The large material can be cut and reduced to desirable sizes. Once the material is made, it can be cut into diamond shapes which reduces variation, and this is important because it helps in creating a beautiful and contemporary floor tiles.

Floor Tiles

At Mazzana Tiles we provide Porcelain tiles which make a perfect choice for patios, swimming pools and most indoor environments. However, for tiles to be used in an external environment, they must meet slip resistant requirements. Porcelain floor tiles are heavier, thicker and harder than those used on a wall. The glazed surfacing is essential in giving it extra strength to deal with abrasive forces. However, you are not limited that you cannot use porcelain tiles on the floor and wall. As long as the walls can withstand the weight and will give the required aesthetic appeal, then you can use it on the vertical walls. The ceramic tiles come in a wide range of colours, and proper installation is required for minimal grout lines to appear during cleaning. Some of the floor tiles can be styled to give a woody appearance. Besides, their hand scraped surfaces can have subtle texture, veining and any colour that you want.

Durability and Beauty

Porcelain floor tiles are very long lasting and durable, they are able to create a unique feel and beauty in your house. The porcelain floor tiles are available in a wide array of shapes, colours, sizes and textures. This is vital because it mimics the other materials while retaining its durability and easy to care properties. The modern and minimalistic industrial application use of the tiles can replicate the look of oxidised metal or steel coloured base, and this can create beautiful places with a subtle sheen. At Mazzana Tiles you can order for a smooth, glossy and glazed surfacing which provides an option of changing the look of your house with a modern classic look. Porcelain tiles is a great option for any room at home especially, kitchens, entryways, living room among other areas.